CBD Lotion

Since its mainstream acceptance, CBD has been infused with virtually everything its producers can get their hands on: you can drink it, eat it, smoke it, bathe in it and now, thanks to CBD lotion, you can rub it. It’s the industry’s attempt to ensure the pain relieving benefits of this compound are readily available in all forms. But is it effective, or just branding?

How Does CBD Lotion Work?

By now, you probably know that the CBD used in most CBD products doesn’t induce psychotic reactions(like THC does) – which is why it’s recommended to people with chronic pain. But how exactly does it work? There are no scientific studies that attest conclusively to its pain healing effects – you can check. Yet millions of people, especially those with arthritis extol its pain relieving properties. Is it a result of the placebo effect? Or is there something more at work. Here’s how it actually works.

One study says that the human body has two cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. Most of CB1 are based in the brain, while CB2 are primarily found in the immune system. Because CB2 is in the immune system, they’re typically the first the respond to pain. CBD generally affects the body’s CB2 receptors. What it does is entice the body to produce more of its natural cannabinoids. When the body does this, it’s able to treat pain more swiftly and effectively.

Hence the issue isn’t that CBD itself is a cure, but rather that it’s a stimuli that triggers your body’s cannabinoid production. The effects aren’t because of the mind’s imagination, or a placebo response, but rather because there are chemical reactions taking place. CBD oils are good when applied topically, but can be greasy, hence while CBD lotions were made.

Be warned though, while THC (the one that gets people high) isn’t used in making CBD products, you may still fail a drug test if you consume CBD edibles. This leaves CBD lotions as one of the best pain alternatives.

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